License to Engage in Shipbuilding and Shiprepair(SBSR) / Afloat Ship Repair (ASR) and Boat Building
Authority to Acquire Vessel thru Local Construction (under PD 1059 / RA 7471)
Issuance / Renewal / Annual Endorsement of International Loadline Certificate (under MC 2007-03)
Issuance / Renewal / Annual Endorsement of Coastwise Loadline Certificate (under MC No. 2007-03)
Accreditation of the Marine Surveying Company

Application for Supervision of Inclining Experiment, Issuance, Endorsement and Approval / Authentication of Stability Certificate (under MC No. 2007-05)

Issuance / Re-issuance of Tonnage Measurement Certificate (under MC No. 2007-04)

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